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Recommended Restaurants in Berlin

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Our choice of restaurants in the City of Berlin aims to be of use
to epicures and foodies alike. Enjoy a real treat and try traditional local products
and some of the regional specialties. For your orientation, you will also find
a brief description of the different quarters of town so that you may find
the place that most attracts you.
You are welcome to tell us about your experiences and make new suggestions.

You have three options how to seach for a restaurant:
       By district - click on your favourite area of the Berlin city map
       By category - click on your choice from the panel on the left

We wish you a comfortable stay!

  1- Mitte 2- Prenzlauer Berg 3- Tiergarten 1- Restaurants in Mitte 2- Restaurants in Prenzlauer Berg 8- Restaurants in Friedrichshain 7- Restaurants in Kreuzberg 3- Restaurants in Tiergarten 5- Restaurants in Schöneberg 6- Restaurants in Wilmersdorf 4- Restaurants in Charlottenburg 9- Berlin 10-  Berlin 4- Charlottenburg 5- Schöneberg 6- Wilmersdorf 7- Kreuzberg 8- Friedrichshain 9- Berlin 10- Berlin  

Restaurants in Mitte
On the photo, you see Gendarmenmarkt, one of the most beautiful squares  in Northern Europe and only one of the must-sees in Mitte, Berlin’s central  district. On a night out, you won’t miss out on the trendy quarter called  “Spandauer Vorstadt", famous for the Hackesche Höfe-courtyards and  Oranienburger Straße, with the New Synagogue. There are loads of nice  restaurants in the area, some of them hidden in little side streets. Instead of  an old city centre, Berlin has Nikolaiviertel, a project from 1987 consisting of  a few blocks of buildings in a mock-medieval style around St. Nicholas  church. ‘Unter den Linden’ –the capital’s main avenue– is, of course,  obligatory for tourists: Lined with splendid monuments it runs from the  Brandenburg gate to the cathedral on the Museums Island.
Museums - historic city centre - grand hotels - architecture - wall - From the Brandenburg Gate to Alexanderplatz - Gendarmenmarkt sqare


Restaurants in Prenzlauer Berg
We absolutely recommend paying a visit to this quarter, which became a  symbol of Berlin’s rebirth in the 90s when young people settled in the  derelict tenements. A true cosmopolitan spirit reigns in the restaurants in  front of the water tower and around Kollwitzplatz, a square that is crammed  with young parents twice a week during the organic food market, since  gentrification took hold of the neighbourhood. Hungry for culture and  adventure, a mixed crowd sets out to discover the buzzing street life,  strolling along Kastanienallee and Oderberger Straße, hanging around the  funky shops and pavement cafés. There are quaint places to be discovered,  like Kulturbrauerei that unites cinemas, bars, theatres and a concert hall in a  splendidly restored nineteenth-century brick complex which used to be a  brewery.
Young and artsy - fashion - cafés and beer gardens - Kollwitzplatz - water tower - Culture Brewery - Kastanienallee


Restaurants in Tiergarten
The district owes its name to a huge park where beer gardens invite you for  a rest. In its vicinity, though, new building have risen over the past ten years.  With “ New Berlin” one usually refers to the new central train station, the  government district with the Reichstag (seat of parliament) and post-modern  Potsdamer Platz including the Sony Center. Adjoining this area are the  Brandenburg Gate and the Holocaust memorial. To the south, Kulturforum  deserves more than a second glance. Discover the architectural gems of the  sixties, now overshadowed by taller buildings: The concert hall of the  Philharmonic Orchestra and the New National Gallery. Further cultural  institutions such as libraries and museums complete the picture. To make  you day complete, you should restore your strength in one of the  restaurants we suggest.
Architecture - nature - government district - museums - central station - Federal Chancellery - Reichstag building - Kulturforum - embassies


Restaurants in Charlottenburg
When visiting Charlottenburg palace, the only grand residence of the  Hohenzollern kings in former West Berlin, you should take your time,  especially in summer as the beautiful gardens are inviting to stroll around a  bit. Important venues as the fairground & congress centre and the Olympic  Stadium are located nearby. Before plunging into the shopping area around  Memorial Church (near zoo station), you could probably do with a nice meal.  You should venture into the side streets to discover charming little  restaurants as around Savignyplatz square (S-Bahn). Charlottenburg’s  legendary Ku’damm – capitalist stronghold in the Cold War era – never really  ceased to be the city’s most popular shopping boulevard.
Prussian kings and queens - fairgrounds - shopping - sports - Memorial church - Kurfürstendamm - Olympic Stadium


Restaurants in Schöneberg
Besides the famous departments stores of KaDeWe (photo on the left) on  Wittenbergplatz, this borough is strongly associated with Berlin’s gay  quarter around Motzstrasse. An aspect not to be overlooked in a  traditionally tolerant and liberal city (whose mayor is openly gay). But  Schöneberg has more to offer, such as fancy boutiques, antiques shops and  restaurants galore, which reflect the ethnic diversity of its inhabitants. Have  a look around Winterfeldtplatz, Goltzstrasse and Akazienstrasse, enjoying  the relaxed casual atmosphere of this authentic Berlin neighbourhood  where, by the way, unforgotten Marlene Dietrich was born.
Fashion - design - shopping - pavement cafés - gay - former West Berlin - KaDeWe - townhall/Kennedy’s speech - Marlène Dietrich


Restaurants in Wilmersdorf
The wealthy Western part of Berlin is made up by the boroughs of  Wilmersdorf and Charlottenburg, which were merged in 2001. Just South of  Ku’damm lie those residential areas, which sure are quieter than others, but  nonetheless cosmopolitan, with some stylish shops around Pariser  Straße. On the outskirts, there are increasing more trees between  mansions of the rich, most of which were built around 1900, as Grunewald is  near. This beautifully wooded landscape dotted with lakes was one of the  few getaways for West Berliners in Wall times and is still highly popular,  attracting bikers and walkers alike. Starting from Grunewald station (S- Bahn), in about 45 minutes you may reach the top of Teufelsberg, a hill that  became Berlin’s highest elevation due to wartime rubble piled up on it.  During the Cold War, the NATO spied on the Soviets from here. Although no  longer of strategic interest, the view is impressive.
Charming corners - houses from the turn of 19 th century - nature - sports - Memorial to the Deported Jews - Grunewald - lakes and forest


Restaurants in Kreuzberg
Kreuzberg became a point of interest in Cold War times, due to allied  confrontation at Checkpoint Charlie. But generally, it lay forgotten by most in  the shade of the wall. Only the poor and unwanted were attracted by its  cheap housing; so in moved hippies, artists, punks and immigrants, who  mainly were from Turkey. Since 1989, when it became a central borough once again, much has  changed. But a whiff of anarchic spirit still lingers in the streets of the  legendary squatters’ quarter of “SO 36”, between Oranienplatz, Görlitzer  Park and Oberbaumbrücke (river Spree bridge). Another hip “Kiez” ( Berlin  neighbourhood) lies around Bergmannstrasse, near Vikoriapark (artificial  cascade, monument designed by Schinkel). The best way to explore this  colourful quarter in depth is by taking a walk along the canal in summer,  passing by restaurant ships, crammed cafés and the Turkish market.
Berlin wall - multicultural atmosphere - alternative - artsy and punk - Oberbaumbrücke - Landwehrkanal - Viktoriapark - Bergmannstr.


Restaurants in Friedrichshain
Friedrichshain lies just opposite Kreuzberg, across Oberbaumbrücke, on  the North bank of river Spree. The borough can boast of protected heritage  dating from socialist times, like Karl-Marx-Allee, a triumphant boulevard of  impressive dimensions lined with workers’ “palaces” that runs over 2 km  from Frankfurter Tor towards Alexanderplatz. Another attraction is the  longest surviving portion of the Berlin wall, which was converted in an open- air gallery in the year after the Wall had come down. 118 artists from 21  countries contribute with mural paintings to the creation of the East Side  Gallery. A park is being built between river and wall; in front, a huge housing  project, including a concert hall, will be realized soon. For a night out, the  quarter around Simon-Dach-Straße with its countless cafés is a must-go.
Young and hip - history - GDR architecture - ormer East Berlin - Karl Marx Allee - East Side Gallery - Volkspark Friedrichshain


Restaurants in the Eastern outskirts
To present cafés and restaurants situated on the outskirts of Berlin, we  divided the suburban area in two: Eastern and Western outskirts (this  subdivision, however, does not always correspond with the former political  zones). Upriver, in Eastern direction, lies Köpenick, which was an  independent town for centuries and is in fact older than Berlin. It has a  charming medieval centre and a Prussian palace – today crafts museum. The  lakeside colony of Friedrichshagen is another idyllic spot. A comfortable way  to get to know this region is by boat. You can start your trip in Treptow, the  jetties lie in a riverside park, where you may also admire the huge  monument raised in the memory of Soviet soldiers who lost their lives in  the battle of Berlin in 1945. Pankow is where the top brass politicians of the  socialist GDR used to reside.
Open spaces - nature - lakes and rivers - beaches - lesser-known corners - Treptow - Köpenick - Schönefeld (airport) - Pankow - Neukölln



Restaurants in the Western outskirts
This section is dedicated to restaurants on the Western periphery of Berlin.  Why not visit Spandau that can boast of a picturesque Old Town and a  fifteenth century citadel? To the South lies Wannsee, another waterfront  quarter at the edge the world-famous Prussian landscape of parks and  palaces. Set off on a boat trip in the direction of Peacock Island or Potsdam  from here! One of the mansions overlooking the Havel river is the historic  site of the Wannsee conference, held in 1942, which had fatal consequences  for the victims of Nazi persecution. Almost next door, in the former summer  villa of the popular Jewish painter Max Liebermann, there is a small, but nice  exhibition of his works.
Nature - open spaces - lakes and beaches - historic sites - airport - Tempelhof - Wannsee - Stegliz - Spandau - Tegel - wedding

Folowing: Recommended Restaurants in Berlin by district

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