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Calendar of Cultural Events 2022 for Berlin

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We have redesigned our Events 2022 page hoping that the new version will make it easier for you to plan the activities for you next stay in Berlin. It includes more events, which are presented in topical groups according to the 12 months of the year. We also propose activities for each month. Besides, there are interesting links for those who want to dig further in the passionate past and present of the city. The page is valid during the whole year and will be regularly updated and completed with dates and current recommendations. So it may be worthwhile to have a look at our pages from time to time!
Send us an E-mail if you would like us to add a venue to this list or include
another event in the cultural calendar.


A trip to Berlin is always worthwhile. But during wintertime it is especially attractive to those who appreciate the city’s cultural offer. There are theatres, operas and cabarets, countless museums, art galleries and other exhibition sites awaiting you. Thanks to this broad offer everybody finds something to her or his liking. As we want to help you plan your stay in Berlin, on our pages you find a choice of museums and cultural venues as well as some recommended events on the cultural agenda.
Foto: Michael Haddenhorst (Tipi)

International Green Week - Grüne Woche - From 17 to 26 January 2020 - web link
The trade fair for food industry, agriculture and horticulture

The Long Night of Museums - 29. August 2020  - web link
Twice a year the Berlin museums open at a time they normally close. From 6 pm until 2 am 110 museums and other historical institutions receive their visitors with a varied programme – in addition to the “normal” exhibitions – including workshops, lectures, readings, concerts, dance shows and guided tours, many even offer food and drink. A unique occasion to get to know new places or to experience the famous ones in a different atmosphere. The museums, which lie scattered throughout the city, are connected by a special bus shuttle service.

Fashion Week Berlin - Vom 13. bis 17. January 2020 - fashion-week-berlin.com
Twice a year (January - July), Berlin Fashion Week turns the city into an international platform for fashion where buyers, retailers, journalists and fashion enthusiasts gather at the runway to look for new trends.

LatLon-Berlin - Our cultural pages - web link

Wintergarten Varieté - Web link
Bar Jeder Vernunft -
Traditional cabaret - web link
Tipi das Zelt
- Theatre and music programme - web link
Theater Online
- nline index of all Berlin theatres - web link
Maxim Gorki-Theatre
- On the boulevard Unter den Linden - web link
Deutsche Theater
- One of the grand stages of German theatre - web link


Did you know that Berlin is the film capital of Germany?
The German version of Hollywood is called Babelsberg and lies at the gates of Berlin. In these studios some of the classics of early cinema were produced, such as “Metropolis” by Fritz Lang and “The Blue Angel” starring Marlene Dietrich. At Potsdamer Platz, the German Film Academy is located, as well as the Film and Television museum and the German Film Archive. Every year in February real film stars meet nearby, on occasion of the International Film Festival “, as the Musical Theatre is converted in “Berlinale Palace” where the premieres of the films participating in the competition are held. Besides, you mustn’t forget that many producers and directors like to work here: Around 150 films per year are filmed here, among them big productions like “Around the world in 80 days” by Frank Coraci starring Jackie Chan or “The Bourne Supremacy” by Paul Greengrass starring Matt Damon who, by the way, is said to have an apartment here.
Foto: Michael Haddenhorst (Tipi)

70 th Berlin International Film Festival - From 20 February to 1 march 2020 - web
The Berlinale Festival enjoys an international reputation and is considered one of the most influential film festivals of the world. In any case, it is the one with most visitors, as in Berlin the festival does not only take place on the red carpet and at media events, but inside the projection rooms, thanks to an enthusiastic audience. The festival comprises different sections like the “Berlinale Talent Campus” intended to discover and promote promising talents of the trade and the popular Children’s Film Festival. The official website provides exhaustive information about the programme and ticket sales points.

70 th Berlin International Film Festival
- The competition for the Golden Bear -
   From 20 February to 1 march 2020 - web link
Cinema and Television Museum
- Inside the Sony Center - web link
Deutsche Filmakademie
- The German film academy - web link
- Visit the traditional film studios - web link
Kino Berlin
- Cinema programme - web link
- Historical cinema near Rosa Luxemburg square - web link
- Films in original version (OV, OmU) at: web link


As you may know the saying goes “If March comes in like a lion, it goes out like a lamb” – or the other way round! So, everything is possible and although the month cannot be trusted, it is worth trying outdoors activities again: Maybe a ramble through the streets of Berlin or a trip to the outskirts. You may prefer to stay inside, benefit from the rich cultural offer and or make plans for sunnier seasons, but remember that a visit to ITB – the world’s biggest touristic fair – is no guarantee for a splendid summer!

International Tourism Trade Fair ITB - From 4 to 8 March 2020 - web link
No other fair of this trade can boast of attracting each year as may visitors as this platform with 11,000 exhibitors from 180 countries? On 150,000 sq. m. the whole planet meets, with all countries trying to outrival their stand neighbours with even more colourful pictures, more attractive offers and exciting promises. If you want to plan you next holiday or just dream of beautiful destination at the other side of the world – here you get stuff to feed your imagination. From 7 to 11 March are days reserved for trade visitors (tickets for these days are only available online).

ITB - International tourism trade fair -
4 to 8 March 2020
IFA - Biggest consumer electronics trade fair - 4 to 9 September 2020
Messe Berlin
- Calendar 2014 of trade fairs at the Berlin exhibition grounds - web link
International Green Week
- 17 to 26 January 2020
   The trade fair for food industry, agriculture and horticulture
Fruit Logistica
- International fresh produce trade fair - 5 to 7 February 2020
- 22 to 25 September 2020
- Berlin Air Show Schönefeld - 13 to 17 February 2020


Berlin is a real metropolis, a city grown over centuries to reach a size which is 8 times the one of Paris (within city limits). But still, you have to consider the big green spaces in the city, two big zoos and a lot of small and big public gardens. And when leaving the city behind, you will discover vast natural spaces, some of great beauty, in its immediate neighbourhood. The Berlin Brandenburg region is an ideal option for those who wish to combine cultural activities with sports and impressions of natural landscapes.

Festival "Festtage" - Berlin Staatsoper - From 4 to 12 April 2020 - web link

Zoo (West/Ku'damm) - web link
   Berlin ’s tradition zoological garden since 1844, home to more than 1,400 species
Tierpark Berlin (East)
- web link
   Europe ’s most spacious landscape zoo founded in GDR times -
- An absolute must-see, perhaps after a visit to the zoo (West) - web link
Senate department of urban development
- web link
   Very interesting information on environmental questions
Public parks and gardens
- web link
   More information by the same department of the Berlin town authorities
- Society for the protection of wildlife and environment - web link
- Biosphere reservation by the UNESCO - web link


Elsewhere it may be the swallows that announce spring, but in Berlin the fact that boats and barges reappear on the rivers of Spree, Havel and Dahme is an unmistakable sign that warm weather has definitely arrived. With sunshine a boat trip along Berlin’s rivers and canals is a pleasant pastime during which you comfortably discover the city from a new perspective. The classical short trip of only one hour takes you from the Museums Island downstream to the level of Bellevue palace and back again. On the more extensive cruises starting from Berlin (e.g. Tegel or Treptow) the boat will cross various lakes.

The Carnival of Cultures - Parade on 9 June & street party from 29 may to 1 June 2020

Thanks to immigration a new European tradition has emerged in the past decades, Berlin Karneval der Kulturen standing in a row with the London Notting Hill Carnival and Rotterdamer Zomercarnaval. In fact, many cultures from countries all over the world contribute to the most popular multicultural event in Germany that turns the streets of Kreuzberg into a stage where a new, sometimes wild mixture of very different traditions is presented. Not only the classical cultural associations take part in the show, but also groups with mixed ethnic background – all of them have been rehearsing for months and are eager to dance and party. Moreover , one of the over 100 groups is be awarded for the best performance. In 2009, 1.3 million of spectators came, not only to see the carnival, lining the streets during the parade (that moves forward very slowly), but to be a part of it. At the big party on the streets around the America Memorial Library lasts four days, Caipirinha is the most popular drink. Taste some of the exotic snacks on offer at many stands or enjoy great concerts on four stages.
A great atmosphere not to be missed

Stern & Kreis
- Different routes and departures - web link
Boat trips "Wolf"
- Different routes and departures - web link


It all started when the electors of Brandenburg chose Berlin as their residence town. In 1701 the Elector chose to make himself king, and in 1871 King William II and Otto von Bismarck – the Iron Chancellor of Prussia – took the final steps towards founding an all-German empire, thus the Prussian king becoming German emperor. These facts explain why German history is closely linked to the history of Prussia. The reign of Frederick the Great, who was a friend of Voltaire and lover of arts, is generally considered one of the more glorious chapters of that history. During a stay in Berlin and Potsdam (45 min by train from Berlin) you have the opportunity to learn a lot more about these sovereigns, about their palaces and portraits, their likes and dislikes as well as their artistic and historical legacy. .

Discovery Potsdam witht LatLon-Potsdam.de

The Carnival of Cultures - street party from 29 may to 1 June 2020

Botanische Nacht - 17, 18 July 2020 - www.bgbm.org
Eine Sommernacht lang verwandelt sich Deutschlands größter Botanischer Garten in eine fantastische Wunderwelt - entdecken Sie den Zauber des nächtlichen Gartens mit allen Sinnen!

Christopher Street Day - Parade on 25 July 2020 - web link
Christopher Street Day forms a part of the long tradition of demonstrations since homosexuals started to fight for equal rights and a tolerant society. The Berlin CSD is not the only one in Germany, but the biggest event of this kind throughout whole Europe, thanks to an important gay community and the open spirit of Berlin (500,000 spectators). During the two weeks prior to CSD, there is a series of gay events, the Week of Pride, which includes another big party taking place from 18 to 19 July 2020 on the streets of Schöneberg (Nollendorfplatz)., a quarter marked by a colourful gay infrastructure.

LatLon - History of Berlin - web link and History of Potsdam - web link
Prussian Palaces and Garden Foundation
- E.g. Sanssouci palace - web link
Chronicle of Prussia
- A website dedicated to Prussia and the House of Hohenzollern (D)
Chronicle of political change
- The fall of the Wall on the internet (D - En) - web link
- History of Prussia (En) - web link


Beach life in Berlin? Yes, you are right. Berlin has lots of water and some wonderful sandy beaches!
Besides, we have just rediscovered the river that crosses Berlin. Although bathing is not allowed there, the riverside is the ideal place for a deckchair and a cool drink in the sun. Lately, beach bars have been shooting from the ground like mushrooms – perfect places for a chilling out on a summer night. But the real beaches where you can hop into the water of beautiful lakes like Müggelsee and Wannsee lie on the outskirts of Berlin. Since the days of the 19 th century Berliners have sought rest and recreation by the lakesides and in their beautiful surroundings. In times when many did not even have a bath at home, people even referred to the lakes as the “big bath tub”. Today, the water quality is very good, because the glaciers of the ice age left lots of sand in the region, which acts like a filter.

Classic Open Air - From 2 to 6 July 2020 - web link
A festival of classical music on beautiful Gendarmenmarkt square.

Private website about Wannsee - Information (D) - web link
Max Liebermann
- The mansion of the famous Berlin painter at Wannsee (D) - web link
The House of the Wannsee Conference
- web link
  Information about the exhibition at the original site of conference (January ‘42)
Berliner Bäder-Betriebe
- All public baths and swimming pools in Berlin - web link
Wannsee beach
- History of the traditional Berlin beach bath on Wikipedia (D) - web link


Between the mid-June and mid-July various big parades take place on the Berlin streets. The most famous one is the parade on Christopher Street Day: It is a gathering of the Berlin and international gay community, a celebration of different life style and demand for tolerance. In a city where the mayor is known to be gay this is a family-compatible event; around 1 million people come to watch every year. But the real titbit is Berlin’s colourful carnival that takes place in the quarter of Kreuzberg, not far from the city centre, each year on Pentecost weekend. Apart from a big party it is a unique occasion to plunge deep into the multicultural cocktail which is the essence of Berlin.

The Long Night of Museums - 29 August 2020 - web link
Twice a year the Berlin museums open at a time they normally close. From 6 pm until 2 am 110 museums and other historical institutions receive their visitors with a varied programme – in addition to the “normal” exhibitions – including workshops, lectures, readings, concerts, dance shows and guided tours, many even offer food and drink. A unique occasion to get to know new places or to experience the famous ones in a different atmosphere. The museums, which lie scattered throughout the city, are connected by a special bus shuttle service.

Carnival of Cultures - The colourful parade at the end of May
   & street party from 29 may to 1 June 2020 - web link
CSD Christopher Street Day
- The gay parade on 25 july 2020 - web link
A website about electronic music
- House and techno music events agenda - web link


Berlin also is an important centre in terms of sports. Fans and amateur athletes will find a varied programme throughout the whole year. Among the top events are the Six Days Race in January, the international women’s tennis championship German Open in May, the international athletic festival ISTAF in September. Last but not least the legendary Berlin marathon that keeps attracting ten thousands of enthusiastic athletes and spectators every year.

The Berlin Marathon - On 26 and 27 September 2020 - web link
The traditional marathon across the streets of Berlin was attended by over 40,000 athletes from 100 countries. Inline-Skaters will inaugurate the route one day before the race.

IFA - From 4 to 9 September 2020 - web link
The biggest fair of consumer electronics and entertainment worldwide. Be one of the 250,000 visitors who wanted to have a look at how their future high definition TV set or multi-media system will look like. At the stands of 1,200 exhibitors you will encounter an incredibly wide variety of electronic devices on top of technology.

Pyronale 2020 - On 21 and 22 August 2020 - web link

scc-events - Organisers of numerous sports events in Berlin - web link
- Lhe official website of Berlin, with online ticket service - web link
Berlin Olympic Stadium
- Website of the legendary stadium & Hertha BSC - web link
- The German society for the promotion of biking - web link
Berliner Bäder-Betriebe
- All public baths and swimming pools in Berlin - web link
Six Day Race at the Berlin velodrome
- From 23 to 28 January 2020 - web link
Meeting International Sport ISTAF
- 01 September 2019 (Indoor 01. February)- web


Berlin enjoys a great reputation for its cultural landscape, in which the museums are one of the main attractions. There are 150 of them, some boasting with famous collections, some with hidden and curious treasures. The entire history is represented, with exhibits ranging from the bust of Nefertiti (Amarna period) and Old Masters’ paintings up to Bauhaus design. There is definitely something for any taste. On our cultural pages we will introduce you to a choice of the most interesting museums. To discover the city’s cultural wealth we recommend the three-day-ticket “Museumspass” valid for most houses. It costs 29 € PP and you also can buy it directly from our guides.

29 the "National Holiday" - Day of German Unity/ 3 October - web link
The official programme of the day that take place between Brandenburg Gate and Reichstag.

Festival of lights - From 05 to 14 October 2019 - web link
An opportunity to see to Berlin sights in a new light. Around sixty monuments will be artistically illuminated. Berlin Leuchtet from 28 September to 14 October 2019

LatLon-Berlin - Our museums page - web link
- The cultural agenda - web link
The Museums Island and the collections of the State Museums
- web link
Jewish Museum
- Official homepage - web link
German Historical Museum
- Official homepage - web link
Bauhaus Archiv
- Museum of Design - web link


No wonder that in the city where Felix Mendelssohn and Herbert von Karajan lived and worked music plays an important role in cultural life. There are three opera houses and plenty of concert halls, orchestras led by famous directors like Daniel Barenboim, Sir Simon Rattle, Pierre Bouchez and Kent Nagano. For those who prefer modern music the offer is even wider. Every week there are countless concerts (of possible styles) in clubs (of all sizes). By the way, did you know the MP3 format and techno music were German inventions.

JazzFest Berlin 2021 - From 29 october  to 1 November 2020 - web link
One of Berlin’s traditional festivals since 1964, with concerts in 6 locations and film screenings at Babylon cinema. This year the main focus is on New Orleans Jazz.

29th Berliner Märchentage - From 8 to 25 November 2018 - web link
A festival of fairy tales, an opportunity for those who understand the language of Goethe. A varied programme of 17 days around lore and legends.

LatLon-Berlin - The cultural agenda - web link
Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
- The world-renowned orchestra - web link
Staatsoper Unter den Linden
- The National Opera is the eldest and most beautiful one
Deutsche Oper
- A modern opera in old West Berlin - web link
Komische Oper
- The third of Berlin’s operas - web link
- The concert hall on Gendarmenmarkt square - web link
- Concert calendar and online ticket booking - web link
- Guide to cultural events - web link


You may think that wintertime is not precisely the best time of the year to be walking the streets of Berlin. Don’t be mistaken!
In December, Berlin fills up with wonder and surprise. Preparing for Christmas, the city the ideal place for shopping if you are looking for original gifts. Not only at shops and warehouses, which now are allowed to open longer in the evenings, but also on the traditional Christmas markets inviting to stroll around for hours browsing the stands. There are many ways to avoid getting cold feet, but a glass of mulled wine or grog is definitely a tasty one.

Christmas market in Berlin - From end of November until 31 December 2019 - web
It’s been a few years now that Berlin has started to compete with other German cities famous for their typical markets of the pre-Christmas period. When December draws near the city dresses up nicely, inviting everybody to enjoy themselves in a friendly atmosphere and a traditional surrounding. At many stands you will find authentic hand-crafted products (not made in China). Or how about trying some of the regional specialties on offer?

- "Schloss Charlottenburg" 26.11-26.12. 2018
- "Lucia Markt am Kulturbrauerei" 26.11-23.12.
- "Am Gendarmenmarkt" 26.11-31.12.
- "Winterwelt am Potsdamer Platz" 04.11.2018-01.01.2018
- "Alt-Rixdorf - Richardplatz" 07.-09.12.2018

WinterZauber - List of Christmas markets - web link
Christmas markets
- Very exhaustive list of market all over Germany - web link
Christmas market (opera square)
- Market at a picturesque - web link
- About different customs of Christmas on Wikipedia- web link

Folowing: History of the City of Berlin

The settlement was founded around the year 1200. Originally, there were two towns - Berlin and Cölln - which formed a unity from 1307 onwards. Compared to other European capitals, Berlin is a young city. Few rests from the middle ages have survived and can still be seen today; most are to be found in and around "Nikolaiviertel", the quarter situated around St. Nicholas Church, the oldest parts of which date back to the year 1230. In the 14th century, Berlin is the most important town in the Margraviate of Brandenburg...           Read more...



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