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Welcome to our tourist information portal of European cities

Have you ever lost your way in the online jungle? If you have been looking for a tourist portal that provides high-quality information or for a complete tourist guide that is nice to view and easy to use? You have found the right place – LatLon-Europe and its local pages have been developed to respond to the needs of individual travelers and tourist groups alike. Companies and schools, professional and leisure associations – they all prefer not to waste time when preparing a travel program! LatLon-Europe provides a detailed overview and comprehensive information about selected city destinations. In short, all you need to make your stay a memorable one.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for any queries.

LatLon-Europe in brief

LatLon-Europe is a small Berlin-based business which is run by its sole proprietor, Swiss-born Pascal JEANRENAUD who has lived in Germany since 2003.

Passionate about the cities of Europe, Pascal Jeanrenaud competently presents on the website some of the most interesting ones – major destinations as well as yet undiscovered towns.

The first version of our website was exclusively dedicated to Berlin ( and primarily served the purpose to advertise the guided tours organized by Pascal Jeanrenaud and his partners. In cooperation with other tour guides, the information about Berlin was made available in various languages (English, French, German and Spanish). Within five years, the website's daily click rate increased to reach an average of 900 visitors per day in 2011– a clear proof of our success. Among the information pages on Berlin our website has become one of the main references for the city.

In 2009 the business takes the next step, as LatLon-Berlin becomes LatLon-Europe. From now, every five to six weeks a new online presentation will be released, introducing a city as a travel destination. With the support of our locals partners (tour guides, translators, etc.) LatLon-Europe will present ten German destinations and one Swiss (Pascal Jeanrenaud's hometown Neuchâtel) in the first year (starting February 2009).

Our conception of a tourist information portal for “European latitudes” is summed up in its name. In fact, the acronym LatLon stands for presenting cities “in all their LATitude and LONgitude”, i.e. in a concise and comprehensive manner. For each destination, we provide the information you need to plan your next holiday, such as sights and monuments, a historic overview, museums and cultural venues, the best hotels and restaurants, as well as guided tours in different languages. Our recommendations always include practical details and web links.

To make reservations, LatLon-Europe suggests the following. Use the details we provide to directly get in touch with tourist service providers (like tour guides, hotels and restaurants). Or else, contact one of the travel agencies from the list you find under the rubric “Travel agencies”. They are specialists for travels in Europe and will be happy to attend to your request.

LatLon-Europe exclusively provides online tourist information about selected cities. We are no reservation portal and do not attend individual requests for tourist information. Thank you for your cooperation! From 2009, the guided tours advertised on our website are organized by our local partners, free-lance tour guides who are passionate about their job and offer superb guiding for individuals and groups.

We wish you a wonderful holiday and hope you will visit our website again to discover new destinations in Germany and all over Europe. Did you like our website? Don't forget to recommend it your friends
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How our website is structured

The website consists of two sections:

Local pages for each destination

You recognize them by the name of the city, e.g. LatLon-Berlin, LatLon-Potsdam, LatLon-Dresden...

“LatLon-Europe” pages that are the same for all cities.
These pages contain information valid for all destinations, such as:
“Travel agencies”“Guide service” – this information page – the pages “Contact” or the “Your business on this space”

Our main web address (to tell your friends) is for all cities. However, you can directly get to your destination by using the city addresses, e.g.: - -

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How our website is funded

The development of our website and its new destinations is only made possible thanks to our partners. These are the tourist service provider referred to on our pages as “Advertising partner of LatLon-Europe”.

All other recommendations of restaurants, hotels or cultural venues are selected by LatLon-Europe on the criteria of quality, and their mention on this website is cost-free for them. Therefore, you are welcome to send us new suggestions for hotels and restaurants we could include in our choice (click here for the online form).

We invite companies, hotels, restaurants, municipalities or tour guides who would like to be featured on this website to go to the page “Your Business in this space” to find out more about advertising options and possibilities of cooperation.
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